Pioneering Next generation Vaccines

At ImevaX, short for „immune evasion vaccines“, we developed a vaccine against Helicobacter pylori. This pathogen has a unique mechanism to inhibit the immune system, enabling Helicobacter pylori to infect life-long.
Our vaccine uses this mechanism against the pathogen. It disables the bacterial factor that inhibits the immune response. The result: the immune system can recognize, combat and eliminate the bacterium.
Starting in January 2017, the lead product IMX101 and the mucosal adjuvant are tested in a clinical phase I trial. With this, we at ImevaX validate two antigens and one novel mucosal adjuvant.
Furthermore, a novel mucosal adjuvant and a Helicobacter pylori rapid diagnostic test are currently developed at ImevaX.

IMX101: A Therapeutic Vaccine Against Helicobacter pylori

  • IMX101, a vaccine against Helicobacter pylori, is our lead product. 
  • The Helicobacter pylori infection is the most common bacterial infectious disease in humans: half of the global population is infected. 
  • Using a novel mode-of-action, we designed a vaccine that consists of three components: two antigens and a mucosal adjuvant.
  • Since the beginning of 2017, IMX101 is being evaluated as a therapeutic vaccine in a clinical phase I study. 

IMA101: A Novel Mucosal Adjuvant

  • As part of IMX101, ImevaX brings a novel mucosal adjuvant into clinical research that will be the key in future vaccine development.
  • The mucosal adjuvant is a fusion protein with two domains. The first domain targets the protein towards specific immune cells that take up the protein. Once inside the cells, the second domain activates the cell, leading to a strong immune response.
  • Based on this first-generation mucosal adjuvant, we are currently developing an enhanced second-generation.

IMD101: A Rapid Helicobacter pylori Diagnostic Test

  • In addition to the vaccine IMX101, we at ImevaX develop a rapid diagnostic test for Helicobacter pylori
  • Our test combines unprecedented sensitivity, selectivity, speed and risk-stratification while requiring only a small drop of blood.
  • Depending on the Helicobacter pylori strain, patients can be stratified into low- and high-risk groups. The knowledge of the risk-group is important to make an informed choice for treatment. With our rapid diagnostic test, doctors can improve the therapy for their patients.

A brief History on ImevaX

In 2005, ImevaX’ founder Prof. Markus Gerhard discovered Helicobacter pylori’s central molecule that inhibits the immune response. 
Based on this knowledge, the ImevaX team designed a vaccine that showed proof-of-concept in preclinical studies. Thus, a novel mode-of-action was shown: our vaccine disabled the bacterial factor that inhibited the immune response. The result: the immune system could recognize, combat and eliminate Helicobacter pylori.
In 2011, ImevaX was awarded by the prestigious GO-Bio program from the German Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF). GO-Bio provided the vital funding for the successful preclinical development. 
In 2014, ImevaX was able to raise venture capital. Combined with continued support of the BMBF as part of GO-Bio II, the ImevaX GmbH was founded in September 2014. 
In December 2016, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI) approved ImevaX’ IMX101 clinical development plan. Since January 2017, we are a clinical stage company evaluating our lead product IMX101 and a novel mucosal adjuvant in a clinical phase I trial.
ImevaX is short for „immune evasion vaccines“. Our primary goal is to translate our pioneering preclinical research into successful clinical development.