ImevaX validates a new mucosal adjuvant in the clinic

In vaccine research, there is a longstanding interest in developing an effective, safe and well defined mucosal adjuvant. 

As part of our lead product IMX101, we at ImevaX bring a novel mucosal adjuvant into the clinic. The adjuvant directs the immune response to the site of a Helicobacter pylori infection: the stomach. Due to its novel mode-of-action, ImevaX’ adjuvant will be the key in future vaccine development.

The Mucosal Adjuvant Is A Fusion Protein With Two Domains

  • Our adjuvant has two parts with distinct functions: the targeting moiety delivers the adjuvant to selected immune cells, while the activating moiety enables them to boost the immune response. 
  • After proven safe in preclinical studies, the adjuvant is currently validated in a phase I clinical trial as part of the vaccine IMX101. Nevertheless, this adjuvant can also be used against other pathogens. 
  • Based on this first-generation mucosal adjuvant, we are currently developing an enhanced second-generation.