• About Us

    ImevaX is a startup project geared towards developing novel vaccination strategies against globally relevant pathogens by targeting essential bacterial factors.

    About Us
  • Team

    Behind ImevaX stands a strong team of clinical and non-clinical researchers supported by external experts and entrepreneurs with a proven track record in corporate management and building up startup companies.

  • Contact

    For more detailed information about ImevaX, please contact us by phone (+49 89 41 424 550) or by email: info@ImevaX.com.


ImevaX’s concept is to combat chronic and nosocomial infections by creating specific vaccines against immune evasion factors. In 2006 ImevaX founder Markus Gerhard discovered that the colonization ability (and hence, the infectiousness) of H. pylori depends on a secreted bacterial factor that down-regulates the host immune system. Many other dangerous pathogens have evolved similar immune evasion mechanisms, which are the focus of ImevaX’s screening program.
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ImevaX relies on a strong team of specialists that contribute many different skills comprising biochemistry, biotechnology, immunology, pre-clinical and clinical research. External advisors provide their networks and additional know-how, e.g. project management, regulatory affairs, finance, startup experience and business development. The core team has been working together for five years, thus forming a solid basis for a successful completion of this ambitious development project.
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